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Cook County Sheriff Refuses to Serve Eviction Notices

Tom Dart, the Sheriff of Cook County, IL (which includes Chicago and many of its suburbs) has stated that he will stop serving eviction notices upon those people who are in default on their mortgage.  Dart says that it is not his job to “carry out work on behalf of the multi-billion-dollar banks and mortgage industries.”  My thoughts on this decision are below: [Read the rest of this entry...]

An Abuse of Copyright Law

Copyright law is intended to promote the advancements of the arts and sciences by allowing the creator of a work to benefit financially.  This incentive, it is reasoned, will encourage people to create art, music, books, movies, etc.  However sometimes copyright is abused, and used to suppress political discussion, as occurred here: [Read the rest of this entry...]

Chicago To Pay Public School Students for Grades

As reported, Chicago is running a pilot program that will pay students for grades.  Even earning a C results in a payment of $20. [Read the rest of this entry...]

Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty is something I am simply unable to understand, yet it appears to be all too common: [Read the rest of this entry...]

Political Smear Campaigns (such as the one targeting Sarah Palin)

Starting with stories on sites such as Digg, and then progressing to more mainstream media outlets, Sarah Palin is being smeared by those with a different political ideology.  Rather than attacking her on her voting record, anti abortion rights stance, or other political aspects, they are suggesting that she is not the mother of her recently born child (called “babygate” by some).  These assertions are based upon pictures in which Palin is said to not look pregnant.  Like the readers of this site, and the people making these allegations, I am not in a position to determine the truth of the matter.  However, I can easily spot a smear campaign when I see one.  I’m also able to see the deeper problem with such political tactics: [Read the rest of this entry...]

What I Want In A President (or any elected official for that matter)

Given the upcoming presidential election, I though it would be a good time to give my thoughts on my ideal presidential candidate. In fact, these qualities are what I would hope for in any elected official: [Read the rest of this entry...]

Police Raiding of Homes

Police agencies increasingly make use of raiding tactics when they suspect the presence of drugs or guns.  My thoughts on this police tactic, and its consequences, are below: [Read the rest of this entry...]

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

All to often, a horrible crime is committed, and the news media seizes upon a “likely suspect.”  This person then has their name dragged through the mud, and is harassed 24/7, only to be proven innocent at a later date.  When that happens, the media circus dies down, and this innocent person is left with little to no recourse.  Such a situation undermines justice in the worst way, and we as a society really should respect the “innocent until proven guilty” rule: [Read the rest of this entry...]

The Importance of Civility

I’ve noticed that in our society, we seem to be in a “race to the bottom,” insofar as civility and politeness are concerned. This is especially true when it comes to debating politically or otherwise contentious issues.  Allow me to explain why I see this as a problem: [Read the rest of this entry...]

Almost Every Hot Button Issue Involves a “Balancing Test”

It may be obvious to some, but I though I would make the fact clear: Just about every hot button issue, ranging from abortion, to capital punishment, all involve a “balancing test”: [Read the rest of this entry...]