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My Thoughts on Religion

This article briefly addresses my religious beliefs, and my thoughts on religion in general:

My Thoughts on the Laws Surrounding Illegal Drugs

My thoughts on the state of the law surrounding illegal drugs are below:

My Thoughts on Gay Rights

This article addresses my thoughts on the issue of gay rights, from the perspective of a heterosexual male who is engaged to the woman he has dated for nearly 5 years.

Police Raiding of Homes

Police agencies increasingly make use of raiding tactics when they suspect the presence of drugs or guns.  My thoughts on this police tactic, and its consequences, are below:

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

All to often, a horrible crime is committed, and the news media seizes upon a “likely suspect.”  This person then has their name dragged through the mud, and is harassed 24/7, only to be proven innocent at a later date.  When that happens, the media circus dies down, and this innocent person is left with [...]

My Thoughts on Labor Unions

This article addresses my thoughts on the issue of labor unions

My Thoughs on Capital Punishment (the Death Penalty)

I am ardently opposed to capital punishment for a variety of reasons, as discussed below:

My Thoughs on Free Public Education

Although I am generally in favor of a smaller government that intervenes less in the daily lives of its citizens, I am in favor of having well funded public schools, that all citizens pay to support. I explain my reasons for this below:

My Thoughts on Gun Control

This article addresses my thoughts on the issue of gun control.

My Thoughts on Abortion

I believe that a woman has the right to have an abortion during the early phases of pregnancy, if she so chooses. At the same time, I personally dislike abortion outside of a few narrow circumstances, and hope that a girlfriend/wife of mine is never in the position of choosing to have an abortion. Additional [...]