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Draggin’ Jeans – Kevlar Lined Motorcycle Jeans Review

The very first piece of motorcycle protective gear that I purchased was a pair of Draggin’ Jeans, which are normal enough looking jeans that have a Kevlar lining in the knee and seat of the pants area.  Although I don’t wear these jeans often anymore, since I believe my Cycleport and Aerostich gear is more [...]

HCJ CL-14 Motorcycle Helmet Review

I have used the HJC CL-14 “kast” helmet for about a year, and thought I would write this review. Overall I have found this helmet to be great, in terms of features and comfort go. I haven’t crashed while wearing the helmet, so I can’t speak to its safety first hand, but it is DOT [...]

Sidi Vertigo Motorcycle Boots

I purchased the Sidi Vertigo boots after finding that the toe of my other boots didn’t fit comfortably under the gear shift lever on my Ninja 600. I’ve found the Sidi Vertigo to be comfortable and functional, so I thought I would write a review for anyone considering these boots.

TPro Forcefield (AKA Joe Rocket Speedmaster) Back Protector

As anyone who has read the reviews of my Cycleport and Aerostich motorcycle protective gear knows, I take motorcycle safety seriously. Toward that end, I purchased a TPro Forcefield back protector, which is also sold as the “Joe Rocket Speedmaster” back protector. The purpose of the back protector is to provide additional impact protection (and [...]

Icon Field Armor Motorcycle Undershorts Review

Anyone who has read the reviews of my Cycleport and Aerostich motorcycle protective gear knows that I take motorcycle safety seriously. That is why I purchased a pair of the Icon Field Armor shorts. Here is my review of them:

Icon Merc Long Motorcycle Gloves Review

I’ve had the Icon Merc Long Gloves for about a year, and thought I would write a review.

Bohn Cool-Air Bodyguard Adventure Motorcycle Pants Review

I enjoy motorcycle riding but also recognize the risk.  I have excellent protective gear from Cycleport and Aerostich, but wanted to add some additional impact protection.  Since I do the vast majority of my riding in the summer, I wanted something that would be cool, and that wouldn’t hamper the airflow through my Cycleport mesh [...]

Cycleport Motorcycle Protective Gear

In the spring of 2007 I purchased a Cycleport Ultra II Air Mesh Kevlar Jacket and Air Mesh Kevlar Street Jeans. I already owned an Aerostich Roadcrafter but wanted to try Cycleport’s mesh Kevlar offerings for the summer.

Aerostich Motorcycle Riding Suit Review

In the fall of 2006 I purchased an Aerostich Roadcrafter motorcycle riding suit. I decided to write a review of this suit: