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Slower Traffic Keep Right (Yield the Left Lane)

I ended up driving nearly 500 miles yesterday to go find a new house that is closer to my new job.  Much of that driving was on interstate highways, and I sadly encountered quite a few drivers who couldn’t manage to yield the left lane to faster moving traffic, making the drive longer and less [...]

Blackbird – A Web Browser for African Americans?

When I first read the story about Blackbird, a web browser for African Americans, I thought it was a joke. Sadly, some people seriously believe that African Americans need a special web browser.  As an African American, I must say that that I find this to be bad (and offensive) idea:

There is No Justification for Racism

I recently had the displeasure of experiencing some racism in my personal life. A racist white person felt it was proper, while drinking a beer near me (I’m an African American), to use the word “nig*er” to disparage the language skills of a 3rd party. The person who made the racist remarks was a drunk [...]

Obtrusive Anti-Spam Verification Systems – a bad idea

Spam email is not fun for anyone, however I’ve seen some people go about combating spam in the wrong way:

The Importance of Civility

I’ve noticed that in our society, we seem to be in a “race to the bottom,” insofar as civility and politeness are concerned. This is especially true when it comes to debating politically or otherwise contentious issues.  Allow me to explain why I see this as a problem:

Almost Every Hot Button Issue Involves a “Balancing Test”

It may be obvious to some, but I though I would make the fact clear: Just about every hot button issue, ranging from abortion, to capital punishment, all involve a “balancing test”: