I’ve had the Icon Merc Long Gloves for about a year, and thought I would write a review.

Icon Merc Long Gloves

The Icon Merc is a glove made primarily of cow leather with a goat leather palm. There is a carbon fiber knuckle protector, which “floats” above the knuckles to allow for ventilation. There is a double Velcro closure around the wrist, and the wrist closure is well padded. The fingers also have padding, with extra along the pinkie finger. The part wrist area is made of flexible material.

Overall the gloves are quite comfortable, except for the seams near the tips of the fingers. These seams are on the inside of the gloves, which makes them look nice, but can be annoying for those like me who keep their fingernails cut very short. The seam would get between my finger and the nail, which was slightly uncomfortable. This improved with time as the gloves were broken in. I’m told that most people don’t care much about the internal seams.
The vent under the back of the floating carbon fiber knuckle protector keeps the gloves reasonably cool, although they will be hotter than the less protective full mesh gloves that are available.
The articulating wrist section works well, and the inside of the carbon fiber knuckle protector is quite comfortable. To me, these gloves seem to run a bit small, but still fit well.

I have not had occasion to crash test these gloves, and do not plan to, however the safety features lead me to believe these gloves would offer good protection. The carbon fiber should help with impact, as would the padding. The leather should offer good abrasion protection. The very secure wrist closures should keep the gloves on a rider’s hands during a crash. I would have liked to see the pinkie and ring fingers connected to help protect them better, and to have low friction material on the heel of the hand, but such features tend to come on gloves that cost more than these did.

If you don’t mind the internal seams on the fingers, these gloves are great. They have good safety features, are otherwise comfortable. And the price is pretty good too.