Anyone who has read the reviews of my Cycleport and Aerostich motorcycle protective gear knows that I take motorcycle safety seriously. That is why I purchased a pair of the Icon Field Armor shorts. Here is my review of them:

Icon field armor motorcycle shorts

Icon Field Armor Motorcycle shorts are designed to be worn under the rider’s pants, to provide additional abrasion protection in the event of a crash. They are made of Aramid fibers (the generic term for Kevlar), although the abrasion resistant Aramid portion does not cover the front of the shorts or the inside of the thighs. The crotch area is made of mesh for improved ventilation. The elastic material in the shorts makes them fit tightly, and the are hard if not impossible to notice under jeans or proper motorcycle pants. There is a standard drawstring closure for the waist, and no fly.

These under shorts are quite comfortable, in terms of fit. It is entirely possible to forget you are wearing them. The mesh crotch area keeps them cool in the summer, although you’ll still be cooler if you don’t wear them than if you do wear them, of course.

I consider the Icon Field Armor shorts to be a great addition to existing abrasion protection, but not sufficient abrasion protection in and of themselves… but then again I am more safety conscious than most motorcycle riders. For people who ride in jeans, this would seem to be a major improvement in safety. One thing to note is that the abrasion resistant material does not cover the inside half of the thighs or the crotch area, so if you have to slide on pavement, do it on your back :)
Note that these shorts provide abrasion protection only, but go well with the Bohn Cool Air Bodyguard Adventure Pants to add some impact protection.

I see the Icon Field Armor shorts to be a good and cost effective way of adding additional abrasion protection to my existing riding gear. Some people will use the field armor shorts as the entirety of their abrasion protection. Either way, there should be an increase in abrasion protection, compared to wearing ordinary cotton shorts.