I have used the HJC CL-14 “kast” helmet for about a year, and thought I would write this review. Overall I have found this helmet to be great, in terms of features and comfort go. I haven’t crashed while wearing the helmet, so I can’t speak to its safety first hand, but it is DOT and Snell approved, so it should provide excellent protection.

A picture of the HJC CL-14

The HJC CL-14 is the most comfortable helmet I have tried on so far, and I have tried on quite a few in various stores. The lining is soft and breathes well, even on hot days. The check pads are comfortable against my face. The ventilation system is good while moving, but on hot days it is necessary to open the visor while at a standstill. This is not a negative reflection on this particular helmet, but rather what thermodynamics seems to demand when your head is covered by a protective helmet on a hot day.

The CL-14 has all the features you would expect, such as adjustable air vents (two on the top, two near the chin, and one below the nose), an adjustable visor that locks into several different positions, etc. For a few more dollars, a “breath box” accessory can be purchased for use in cold weather. This attaches inside the helmet to the vents in the mouth area, and prevents the rider’s hot and humid breath from causing condensation on the visor. The vents also blow air on the visor when the motorcycle is moving to help reduce condensation.
The visor is easily removable, and there are a variety of colors available. I have a standard clear visor, and a mirrored one for particularly sunny days.

Retailing for under $150, the HJC CL-14 is a real bargain, but has the features and safety certifications (DOT and Snell) that matter. I have found it to be just as comfortable as any of the Arai or Shoei helmets I tried on, which cost several times more.

Extra Visibility
I applied liberal amounts of retroreflective tape to this helmet as well, taking care to cut out the right shapes and colors so that the tape is barely noticable during the day. I even added a few pieces of glow in the dark tape that appear white in the day and glow green at night. At night, or even in a dark garage, the helmet is extremely visible.

If you are looking for a safe, comfortable, and affordable helmet, I can recommend the HJC CL-14. You can’t beat the price, the features are not lacking, and the DOT and Snell safety certifications are present.