The very first piece of motorcycle protective gear that I purchased was a pair of Draggin’ Jeans, which are normal enough looking jeans that have a Kevlar lining in the knee and seat of the pants area.  Although I don’t wear these jeans often anymore, since I believe my Cycleport and Aerostich gear is more protective, I do like these jeans and though I would write this review.

These jeans are like any other pair of jeans, but with a key difference:  The Kevlar lining that is placed in the knee and seat of the pants areas.  It is designed to provide additional abrasion (but not impact) protection should the ride find himself or herself sliding along the ground.  Optional knee armor can be purchased and inserted to provide for some impact protection.

For those riders who aren’t comfortable wearing bright green/yellow gear with retroreflective tape everywhere, Draggin’ Jeans are a good choice.  They are indistinguishable from an ordinary pair of jeans, and are available in blue or black.

Draggin’ Jeans are likely the most comfortable motorcycle-specific pants I have ever worn.  They fit just like a pair of comfortable jeans, and I find the Kevlar lining to be quite comfortable.  They are a bit warmer than normal jeans, but not that much warmer.  Overall, they feel like wearing normal jeans.

Like my reviews of other protective gear, I am unable to give a crash report since I have not crashed while wearing the Draggin’ Jeans.  That said, I’m confident that the Kevlar lining makes them more protective than ordinary jeans would be.  However, since the Kevlar lining only covers a portion of the jeans, and we know as a matter fact that riders suffer road rash to areas other than the knees and seat of the pants, I would recommend full protective gear such as that made by Cycleport and Aerostich, or a set of full leathers.  Further concerning me is the fact that the Kevlar lining is held in place by the rest of the jeans, which are cotton, meaning that if the rest of the jeans shred in a crash then there will be nothing to hold the Kevlar in place.

If you are looking for a pair of motorcycle pants in the $100 range, that are more protective than ordinary jeans, then Draggin’ Jeans may be right for you.  Keep in mind that they will be less protective than a pair of pants made entirely from Kevlar, or Cordura, or leather, but you can’t beat the price.  Riders concerned about appearances, who want a pair of ordinary looking pants, will also like Draggin’ Jeans.