In the spring of 2007 I purchased a Cycleport Ultra II Air Mesh Kevlar Jacket and Air Mesh Kevlar Street Jeans. I already owned an Aerostich Roadcrafter but wanted to try Cycleport’s mesh Kevlar offerings for the summer. I placed my order just before their “busy” season, and my wait time was quoted at about 6 weeks. 5 weeks later I received my high viz green Ultra II Air Mesh Kevlar Jacket and Air Mesh Kevlar Street Jeans.

Abrasion Protection:

Both the jacket and pants that I purchased are made from Kevlar, with the jacket being made almost entirely of a Kevlar mesh, and the pants comprising a combination of Kevlar mesh in the front and “stretch Kevlar” on the back. While opinions will vary widely as to whether Kevlar or Cordura provides the best abrasion protection, what speeds each material is good to, etc., I feel quite safe in this gear, especially at lower speeds when impact protection will matter more than abrasion protection (and this gear has a lot of armor!) I recognize that any mesh gear will offer less protection than non-mesh gear, however I also believe that comfort is an important safety factor, since I don’t think I could operate my motorcycle as skillfully in 100 degree weather when wearing non-mesh gear as I can with this mesh gear. I also wear a Draggin’ Jeans Kevlar shirt underneath the jacket, and Icon Field Armor shorts underneath the pants for additional abrasion protection.

Impact Protection:

Both the jacket and pants are covered in armor, across the chest, back shoulders, elbows, knees, thighs, and shins. The armor is thinner than that of my Aerostich, but I feel confident wearing it. I also wear a back protector and additional armor under the jeans, but thats just because i believe in wearing as much protective gear as I can without hindering my ability to operate my motorcycle.

Weather Exposure Protection:

I purchased this gear for summer use only, and since it is mesh I didn’t have any expectations that it would be waterproof. The mesh does breath very well, just as Cycleport promises, and I was cold while wearing the jacket, pants, and a t-shirt in 60 degree weather while sitting behind my bike’s fairings at highway speeds. Cycleport does offer zip in Gortex liners, however I use my Aerostich when it is raining or cold.


I ordered my Cycleport gear with the highest visibility options they offered. My jacket is bright green and has retroreflective strips along the collar, across the shoulders, and down the arms (and I added retroreflective tape to one of the front pockets as well.) My pants have a retroreflective strip along the outside of each leg, from the knee down (and I added a second strip myself.) I am confident that I have gone above and beyond any duty I might have to be visible while riding.


Much to my satisfaction they fit perfectly. The sleeves seem slightly long when I’m just standing up, but fit perfectly when I’m in the sportbike riding position. I purposely ordered the jacket just a bit big so that my T-Pro Forcefield back protector would fit underneath (despite the extensive armor coverage already built into the jacket), and that worked out perfectly. The pants also fit well, although in hindsight I probably didn’t need to order the Velcro closure for the ankles, and they would fit better under my Sidi Vertigo boots without the ankle closure.


Both of my Cycleport products are of the highest quality, just like my Aerostich roadcrafter. Cycleport also shipped ahead of schedule, just as Aerostich did.

Overall Opinion:

I am quite pleased with my Cycleport gear, and would recommend it for the summer months. As far as improvements I would like to see a way to attach the 3/4 length jacket to the pants so that the gear might stay better put in a crash, despite the fact that many authorities hold that connecting a 3/4 length jacket to the pants is not necessary (and there is plenty of overlap already).