I enjoy motorcycle riding but also recognize the risk.  I have excellent protective gear from Cycleport and Aerostich, but wanted to add some additional impact protection.  Since I do the vast majority of my riding in the summer, I wanted something that would be cool, and that wouldn’t hamper the airflow through my Cycleport mesh gear.  The Bohn Cool-Air Bodyguard Adventure Pants seemed to fit the bill perfectly, so I ordered a pair.  My review of the Bohn Cool-Air Bodyguard Adventure Pants is below:

The Bohn Cool-Air Bodyguard Adventure Pants are made of a stretchable mesh, and have armor for the knees/shins, hips, thighs, and tail bone.  This means that air flows quite freely through the pants, except for where the armor is located.  The armor is made of multiple layers of Bohn’s foam/plastic armor for the knees/shins, and a slightly different armor for the hips, thighs, and tail bone.  The leg openings near the ankles are zippered to make it easier to put on and take off the pants.

The Bohn Cool-Air Bodyguard Adventure Pants have an abundant coverage of armor in the places a rider is most likely to hit the road, a car, or a roadside object.  Especially important for me was the tail bone armor, since this is the one area that none of my other protective gear covers.
Evaluating the armor itself, I would say that out of all the armor I have seen in motorcycle protective gear, the Bohn armor is what I feel most confident about.  I have not done scientific testing on the armor, since I lack the equipment, to do so, but  this armor feels quite safe.  I also believe the design philosophy of having different densities of foam with harder and softer layers is a good approach.

These pants let air flow very well, due to their mesh construction.  They also fit snugly against the body, and you can easily forget that you are wearing them while standing, sitting, or riding your motorcycle.  The one annoyance that I have is with the zippered closures near the ankles.  The zipper tends to rub against my skin in an annoying way when the Bohn Cool-Air Bodyguard Adventure Pants are tucked in to my Sidi Vertigo boots.  I can fix this by rolling my socks up so that they stay between the pants and my skin, but a little extra material on the inside of the pants to cover the zipper would be nice.

These pants are surprisingly durable, given that they are made of a flexible mesh.  I have not had any tears in the mesh at all.  The one thing that did concern me was the knee/shin armor.  It seems to be made of two main parts, one for the knee and one for the shin, and the shin armor, and these two parts are joined by a thinner, narrower, and more flexible piece of foam.  I’ve noticed slight tearing near the edges of where this thinner piece of foam joins the two main pieces.  This does not appear to affect the armor’s strength, nor do I think that this is a major problem.  More than anything else, it surprises me that there is more wear and tear on the knee/shin armor than there is on the mesh!  In any event, at this rate I’ll get several years of use from these pants, and all the armor is individually replaceable anyway.

If you’re looking for a pair of mesh pants with armor to wear under your pants, the Bohn Cool-Air Bodyguard Adventure Motorcycle Pants should work well for you.  They are cool in the summer, well armored, comfortable, and surprisingly durable.