I ended up driving nearly 500 miles yesterday to go find a new house that is closer to my new job.  Much of that driving was on interstate highways, and I sadly encountered quite a few drivers who couldn’t manage to yield the left lane to faster moving traffic, making the drive longer and less enjoyable than it needed to be for everyone involved.

For those who don’t know, it is both custom and law that drivers using the left lane move to the right lane, to allow faster moving cars to pass.  This helps prevent traffic jams and unsafe passing on the part of faster moving drivers who are stuck behind slower moving drivers.  Please, obey the law (and the social norm) of yielding the left lane to faster moving cars.  Doing so not only makes everyone’s drive faster and more pleasant, but it can also prevent car collisions, road rage, and other unpleasantness.  There is simply no excuse for rudely hogging the left lane and preventing others from passing.

A great website that explains this in more detail is SlowerTrafficKeepRight.com