Animal Cruelty is something I am simply unable to understand, yet it appears to be all too common:

A particularly outrageous example:

A WI man accused of hanging his dog from its choke chain has been convicted of felony mistreatment of animals. The criminal complaint says Eric Shattuck told a visitor on Sept. 26 he hung the dog after it refused to drink a fatal dose of antifreeze. Police found the animal’s body in a garbage bag in the garage. Shattuck told the woman he killed the dog because he didn’t want it anymore.

I’ve had a variety of pets throughout my life, including dogs, cats, rats, turtles, mice, fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, and more.  Each of those pets became a member of the family who was no more disposable than a human, and each lived out their natural lifespan in my care.  I could no more give up a pet then I could give up a human relative; inflicting harm on one is simply unthinkable.  I just don’t get how a person could harm their pets.

Note: I am not a vegetarian, or a member of PETA.  In fact, I disagree with vegetarians in principle, and find PETA to be reprehensible.  [Eating meat is natural, and is part of what allowed humans to develop our large brains.]