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Entries for September, 2008

An Abuse of Copyright Law

Copyright law is intended to promote the advancements of the arts and sciences by allowing the creator of a work to benefit financially.  This incentive, it is reasoned, will encourage people to create art, music, books, movies, etc.  However sometimes copyright is abused, and used to suppress political discussion, as occurred here:

Chicago To Pay Public School Students for Grades

As reported, Chicago is running a pilot program that will pay students for grades.  Even earning a C results in a payment of $20.

Animal Cruelty

Animal Cruelty is something I am simply unable to understand, yet it appears to be all too common:

Political Smear Campaigns (such as the one targeting Sarah Palin)

Starting with stories on sites such as Digg, and then progressing to more mainstream media outlets, Sarah Palin is being smeared by those with a different political ideology.  Rather than attacking her on her voting record, anti abortion rights stance, or other political aspects, they are suggesting that she is not the mother of her [...]