This article addresses my thoughts on the issue of labor unions

Although I agree with many of the changes that labor unions brought about during the the last century, I am generally opposed to the labor unions of today.  This is because of the way that many unions extract substantial dues from their members, while often failing to provide benefits commensurate with those dues.  Additionally, the way in which union management is often corrupt or disingenuous further makes me belief that unions are generally a bad thing these days.

Labor unions once served an important purpose
During the previous century, labor unions and their supporters brought about important changes to the plight of working people.  A 40 hour work week, overtime, compensation for injury on the job, medical leave, and other similar advances can be credited to labor unions and related labor rights supporters.  I applaud those changes.

Nowadays labor unions are a net loss for workers and society as a whole
Sadly, today I see little real benefit in labor unions – but I do see many drawbacks.  I have friends who belong to unions, and end up paying a good percentage of their income in union dues.  In exchange, the union negotiates for rather trivial benefits, such as a pop machine.  In other cases, I’ve seen unions arrange a “two tiered” system for pay and benefits, whereby longstanding employees are treated considerably better than newer employees who do the exact same work.  Worse yet, I have seen unions make a point of defending some of the worst employees, forcing management to keep lazy and ineffective workers on the payroll – which hurts the company and all of its employees.  The net results have been loss of productivity, lower pay for the hard working employees, and money wasted on union dues with no real benefit for the employees.  I am also troubled by the competitive disadvantage that unions impose upon American companies, compared to their foreign competitors.