This article addresses my thoughts on the issue of gun control.

I am opposed to gun control.  I base this upon the fact that gun control doesn’t reduce crime, does leave people who obey the law defenseless, and infringes upon the 2nd Amendment’s fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

Gun Control Doesn’t Reduce Crime

Cities such as Chicago and the District of Columbia have rampant gun crime, despite their strict gun control.  It is obvious to me that crime is caused by deep seated social problems, rather than by the presence of guns.  I’m also convinced that there is a small portion of society that is just bent on criminality, and would commit crimes even if they had economic opportunity and an upbringing in a law abiding household. Until those underlying social issues, such as poverty, gangs, and a lack of education are addressed, there will be crime, and banning guns won’t change that fact.

Gun Control Leaves People Who Obey the Law Defenseless

Criminals seem to ignore gun control laws, just as they ignore any other law.  The people who don’t commit crimes would obey the gun control laws, just as they obey any other law.  The net result seems to be that the criminals will still have guns, and the law abiding citizens won’t, which will leave those law abiding citizens vulnerable.

Gun Control Infringes the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Just as I support all of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the bill of rights, I support the 2nd amendment.  Gun control infringes this, and I just can’t support a policy that infringes a fundamental right.

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